Mesh Viewer

A novel interface for 3D mesh viewer in pure Swift. It is for DM6121 Human Computer Interaction course.


Alienware 17 R4 Hackintosh clover sharing.

Smart Store

A computer vision powered autonomous store, makes your shopping experience even smoother.


Students interacted with videos playing on campus TV screens to get access to exclusive content and win prizes with this app.

Ghost Upyun Store

This Ghost custom storage module allows you to store media files at Upyun instead of your local server. It requires Ghost 1.x or higher version.

Bay Carousel View

A simple data-driven carousel view for iOS, is used in the badge module of Shanbay Word.

EDU Online

A personal project for students to check their class schedule and course grades. This project had more than 35,000 users and up to 11,000 daily active users.

Objc CN

A project I contributed, driven by Chinese iOS dev community. The target of ObjCCN is translating and introducing great articles and books from in Chinese.


Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) is extremely energy-consuming, accounting for 40% of total building energy …

This book explains a range of application design patterns and their implementation techniques using a single example app, fully …




Nanyang Technological University

Feb 2017 – Present Singapore
Responsibilities include:

  • In charge of the blockchain-based energy trading platform structure design and implementation
  • Led the development team in 2019
  • Implemented a complete simulation system for the smart building project
  • Enhanced the app performance from the memory cost, and the network layer
  • Led the mobile-end development team in 2017

iOS Intern

Nanjing Beiwan Education & Technology LTD.

Mar 2016 – Oct 2016 Nanjing, China
Responsibilities include:

  • Delivered several refactored modules, including Punch Plan, Wordbook, Push Notification, Badge module
  • The crash rate was always controlled lower than 1.5%
  • Integrated the payment system, to avoid paying the 30% fee for Apple’s iAP
  • Automation scripts maintenance & Took part in the code review
  • Open-sourced a component on GitHub